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Lighting, temp and decor.

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Custom Reptile Enclosures, cages, terrariums


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The craftsmanship and alder wood cabinets are stunning! I highly recommend Exotic Cages to everyone for every pet!

Mary Poole April 20, 2015

Welcome to Exotic Custom Cages

At Exotic Custom Cages we can help you design and build any reptile cage, terrarium, vivarium, or bird aviary you have in mind, or we can take over the entire process and design the entire enclosure for you. Whether you are looking for a terrarium for your prized plant life, or a reptile, snake, or amphibian enclosure, we are the ones that will do it right and to the quality you expect.

Each of our custom enclosures are specifically built to what the customer wants and needs. We mimic the natural environment in our enclosures as closely as possible to where the specie originates from; including the habitat, lighting, humidity, and heating needs.

When buying one of our enclosures, you don’t have a set list of wood types or stain colors to choose between. We will build the enclosure out of any type of wood you prefer and finish it in the color you choose, even if it is a custom color to match the rest of your home.

We are the only residential terrarium and vivarium building company that we know of, that uses commercial zoo quality epoxies for all of our backgrounds instead of using concrete, silicones, and rubber products. We do this for weight savings, they will never crack or fade, completely non-toxic, and it is the most durable product that you can use in building the habitat.

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