Cage Features

Cage Features

Waterproof Interior 

Every reptile enclosure, snake enclosure, and frog enclosure we build is 100% percent waterproof. To do this, we use a zoo quality non-toxic epoxy on the entire interior of the reptile cage. All enclosures with a pond area in them have a fiberglass bottom so you will never have to worry about leaks. The great thing about the entire enclosure being waterproof, is cleaning is no longer a tough task since you can simply spray it out and let the water run out the drain.


One of the best features of the cage for you, is the drainage system. The drainage system is installed in the base of the enclosure, and allows you to simply turn the valve open as you spray down the enclosure, making it quick and easy to clean out the enclosure. This also works great when you have a pond area, since you won’t need to scoop the water out and can just open the drain and simply replace the water you let out.

Ventilation Fans 

There are multiple ways to get air flow throughout a reptile cage, but the best and most aesthetic way we have found is with ventilation fans. Unlike using screens alone, the fans actually pull air throughout the enclosure.

Stain or Paint of Your Choice 

At Exotic Custom Cages, we do not believe that you should only have a few color options, but any color that you may like. We can help you pick a stain or paint color, or you can tell us an exact brand and color you want and we will do our best to track it down. The reason we give you this benefit, is we feel this reptile enclosure will be the focal point in your home and that you deserve to have it blend in with your home decorations the way that it should.

Custom Natural Background or Mural 

When it comes to our custom backgrounds, the possibilities are endless.

Our backgrounds are first formed out of foam to get the initial look of it. After that, we cover the entire thing in epoxy and start working on the details to make it look like we pulled it straight out of its natural habitat. Our peat moss backgrounds are amazing backgrounds if you are in need of a high humidity enclosure, since they hold it very well. They are also great if you plan on using live plants and want moss to grow through out your enclosure. Another very popular option is our rock background, which is made the same way but instead of putting peat moss on we paint them, and then put a layer of non-toxic clear coat epoxy over it. If you have something specific in mind you are looking for, we are more than happy to talk it over with you. With any custom background, we are able to add a waterfall to it for looks and humidity purposes if wanted. If you decide to go with a mural background, we will purchase the background of your choice with no upcharge on the product, and place a sheet of acrylic over top of it so it can’t be damaged. We believe the customer should be able to choose whichever mural they like, and not just out of a list we have compiled.

False Bottom 

False bottoms are a great way to get the drainage you need for your substrate. The reason we use a false bottom instead of rock or gravel, is to keep the weight and bacteria growth down.

Tempered Glass 

For all of our enclosures, we use tempered glass. Tempered glass is much stronger than annealed glass, and if it happens to ever break it will not cut you or your loved ones. Tempered glass is a safety glass, like you would find in the door of your home or vehicle. The reason we use glass instead of plexiglass, is it doesn’t have the flex that plexiglass does or scratch near as easily.

MistKing Misting System

A misting system can be added to any enclosure to help with humidity and support the general health of many reptiles. A lot of reptiles don’t get their fluids from standing water, but instead from water droplets off plants or simply through their skin. Misting systems are also great when using live plants in our terrariums.

Waterfall and Pond 

Waterfalls and ponds not only look great, but they help keep the humidity up in your new reptile enclosure or terrarium. We highly recommend adding a water heater for an easy way to keep temperature and humidity up, and an underwater light can be added for effect. Any enclosure with a pond will have a fiberglass bottom so you never need to worry about water leaking, and it also helps to strengthen the enclosure. The reason we use fiberglass over a rubber membrane is for strength and integrity. Over time rubber can break down and become cracked over punctured. If you think of the rubber roofs they use on commercial buildings, they need to be resealed every couple of years where fiberglass never needs maintenance done on it.

Vines and Plants 

Our plants are usually all artificial if a mural is used for a background, but we can also make rock hangers for live plants. If you are wanting a custom terrarium background (peat moss or rock background), we can use real or artificial plants and vines. Real plants grow amazing in our terrariums and make them look that much better once the plants start filling it in, and it also helps with the reptile, snake, or frogs quality of life.

The vines we use depend on the size of the animal that will be living in these enclosures. We can use real vines and branches or build artificial ones. Our artificial vines range anywhere from about a .” to 4” in diameter, and look and feel real.

We can also add driftwood, coco husk, grapevine, or whatever it may be that you want included in your enclosure.

Lighting Hood 

Our lighting hood is a separate unit which sits on top of the enclosure running the entire length of it. This is normally built 12” tall, but can be built smaller if needed. We highly recommend a lighting hood, because it really finishes off the enclosure by hiding all of the lighting components.

We use ceramic or flood light fixtures to withstand the heat and higher wattage bulbs, and can add fluorescent fixtures for extra light to really make the interior shine or if needed for UVB.

Base Cabinet 

Our base cabinet is also a separate unit that the enclosure will sit on top of to raise the enclosure off the ground, and that is great for storage and to hide the plumbing if you are including a waterfall or pond. All of our base cabinets come standard with casters installed for easy moving.

Side Viewing Glass 

Any enclosure we build can include side viewing glass, and viewing glass for the pond area of your enclosure.