Custom Chameleon Enclosures

Chameleon Enclosures

Chameleons spend most of their lives in the trees, and they love foliage. Your chameleons terrarium should be full of plants and tree branches for them to climb around on. The size of your Chameleons terrarium should be be at least 3 feet tall. We always recommend the terrarium to be taller than it is Wide. They love to climb but also they need to be able to get away from their basking spot this is why we recommend 3 Feet. Chameleons need more ventelation than other reptiles, and they also need a high humidity environment. This can be a difficult task when it comes to building a Chameleons Enclosure. At Exotic Custom Cages we have it figured out. We have automated misting systems built in to all of our enclosures. We use a non toxic epoxy background mixed with peat moss and other natural substrates. The backgrounds in these enclosures to a great job of holding moisture and keeping the enclosure humid. Our enclosures also are made of glass instead of screen to hold the humidity but also have ventilation ports and fans to bring new fresh air into the enclosure. If you do not have ventilation and humidity for your chameleon it will have a very high risk for developing health issues and might not live a full life. Most of our chameleon cages do not have a pool in the bottom. Chameleons can not swim and we do not want them drowning, this is why we usually do land only and use a quality substrate for planting live plants. Depending on the width of your chameleons cage we will use 3 to 5 light fixtures in the lighting hood and screen separating the cage from lighting hood. one will be for heat, one will be used for uv and the rest are for natural light. Let Exotic Custom Cages built your chamelon a cage that will keep your chameleon happy and live a full life.