Custom Iguana Enclosures

Iguana Enclosures

Iguanas grow to be a very large lizard and they require a large cage or terrarium. We recommend at least a 8 feet wide Terrarium. Iguanas spend most of time in trees and water so we also recommend having lots of large tree branches for them to climb on and a pool of water in the bottom of there custom enclosure. If iguanas do not have the right size enclosure that meets there needs they will get depressed. This may lead to them living a short life. Iguanas Grow to a length of 4 to 6 feet. This is why we recommend a custom enclosure of 8 ft wide. The height of your iguanas Terrarium can vary but we recommend at least 5 ft since they are climbers. Our iguana cages are usually built without a stand so we can start at the floor and get as much height as we can out of the enclosure. We also can make are own tree branches out of non toxic zoo epoxy or we can use real ones in your terrarium. These epoxy branches will never mold or deteriorate and last lifetime. We also recommend only using fake plants in iguana cages. Real Plants never last with iguanas. They get broken and will make a mess in your terrarium. Our lighting hood come with 4 light fixtures, one for heat, one for uv and 2 for natural light. At Exotic Custom Cages we will make sure you have the right cage for your iguana so it can live a full happy life.