Custom Snake Enclosure

Custom Snake Enclosures

When it comes to snakes they can be either from a tropical climate or desert climate. Snakes that need a desert climate we will build very similar to the bearded dragon terrarium. We use a sandy and rocky substrate and custom make a desert background for the terrarium. Snakes love to hide so we incorporate hiding spots in the background. If you look at the enclosure in the picture, to the left of the water area there is a door. We built a hiding spot where the snake can go threw a hole and hide. It has a lock so the snake can’t get out. Its owner can still get to the snake if they need to. For most Tropical snake most we recommend a large terrarium. Snake like the boa get very large in size which requires a large enclosure. We recommend¬† at least a 6 feet wide enclosure for your snake but the bigger the better. Tropical snakes spend time wrapped around trees,love to climb and are very heavy. Our custom snake enclosures come with strong tree branches that are made out of non toxic zoo epoxy. They are made to hold the wait of the snakes and last a life time. For tropical snake cages we also recommend¬† adding a water pool to the bottom of the cage so your snake has a spot to swim. All of our custom snake cages come with 4 to 6 light fixtures depending on the size of the enclosure. One for heat, one for uv and the rest for natural light. Let Exotic Custom Cages build your snake an enclosure that will keep your snake happy and live a long life.