Custom Turtle Enclosures

Custom Turtle Cages 

Most turtles spend their time between land and water. Our turtle tanks will offer your turtle the perfect environment. We Will build a tank that has half land and half water with an easy access ramp out of the pool area. Turtles need warm water to swim and also a warm area outside of the water to bask in the sun. Our turtle tanks are equipped with in line water heaters that are hidden beneath the enclosure. These inline water heater will keep the water in the enclosure between 72- 82 degrees.  We also install lighting that will keep your turtle warm and provide them with the uv rays that they need to survive. The size of enclosure we recommend is at least 4 ft wide and no more than 2ft tall. Turtles stay on the ground and cannot climb well like lizards and snakes do in their cages. This is why we recommend no more than a 2 ft tall enclosure. If the cage is more than 2ft tall its hard to get the heat and uv rays close enough to your turtle. For the backgrounds on these cages you can chose between our murals, rock or peat moss backgrounds. These enclosures would be considered a paludarium. A paludarium is a tank that is half water and half land. They provide a beautiful display for aquatic and land plants. Let Exotic Custom Cages build a paludarium that will keep your turtle happy and live a healthy life.