Tropical Enclosure

tropicalduallevelTropical Enclosure

We can build these enclosures as land only, pond only, or land and pond to whatever ratio you’d like.

These enclosures are designed for tropical animals like chameleons, tropical snakes, geckos, tree frogs, etc. The pool at the bottom provides great humidity and a place to swim for different types of species. We can also install a misting system for watering plants and/or animals. Humidity levels stay very high in these enclosures.

The land can be built 2 different ways. We can build it to hold the substrate of your choice for planting live plants, or we can make the land area the same as the background. If you want the land to hold substrate, a false bottom will be used.

They can be built with our peat moss background to hold more humidity and to help plant life grow, a rock background, or mural. This enclosure can include a waterfall and pond area with water heater, along with a misting system, to help keep the humidity levels high. We can incorporate a false bottom to help with drainage of the land area to resist mold and decay, while still keeping the humidity levels high. The reason we use false bottoms instead of a layer of rock or gravel is to keep weight down and prevent bacteria build up.

The backgrounds we make for these cages are completely non-toxic. We use foam, rope, tubing, non-toxic epoxy, and peat moss to construct them. Misting systems keep the background moist causing moss to grow over time. In the end they look beautiful and last forever.

If a rock background is used, we use the same process as the peat moss background, but instead of covering it with peat moss we paint all of the rock before going over it with a final coat of epoxy clear coat.

The entire inside of this enclosure is epoxied, so cleaning is very simple. You can simply spray it out with a hose and let the water run out of a drain that is placed at the very bottom of the enclosure.

For the lighting, it all depends on the overall width of the enclosure. We use as few as two fixtures, and as many as needed for a larger terrarium. The style of fixtures all depends on what the customer would like, but we normally recommend using ceramic fixtures in this enclosure, along with a fluorescent if needed. If you are going to be planting real plants, we recommend using a high lumen grow bulb along with the UVB and heat bulbs (if needed). All of our enclosures come with the light fixtures installed, but it is up to you whether you want us to take care of the bulbs, and you will have the final input on what bulbs are used.

The base set up of this enclosure includes:

  • Waterproof interior
  • Drain with valve for emptying the aquarium
  • Ventilation fans
  • Stain or paint of your choice (Paint is an extra charge)
  • Custom natural background (Mural can be chosen for a lower price)
  • Tempered glass door/doors
  • Crated and ready for shipping

Extra features include:

  • Mist King misting system
  • Underwater lighting
  • Water fall and/or pond
  • Water pumps
  • Water heater
  • Water filter
  • Vines
  • Plants and flowers
  • Lighting Hood
  • All necessary fixtures and bulbs
  • Base Cabinet
  • Cabinet will sit on casters for easy moving
  • Highly recommended with a waterfall or pond for plumbing purposes