“The cage is here and my iguana loves it. The pictures don’t do it justice. It is well built from top to bottom and inside and out. Everybody comments on the beauty of it and wants to take pictures. A couple of people have commented that they might need to get a reptile so they can have a cage like this in their home. This is truly an amazing cage. Even more important than the looks…it‘s set up for optimal health for my iguana. It’s given her the rain forest environment she requires I highly recommend. Love it!!! Best reptile purchase I have ever made.”

– Beverly Smith

“Just want everyone to know how much I love and enjoy my two custom enclosures from Exotic Cages! My first enclosure is a tropical paradise for my dart frog babies, who are so happy that they are breeding! I love terrarium gardening, so these enclosures provide me an outlet for both of my passions! I’ve planted unusual plants from all over Central and South America as well as several varieties of moss, and the terrarium is a lush, thriving jungle thanks to Thomey’s attention to detail which provided me with the perfect palate to create a realistic homeland for the frogs. I’m still planning and collecting plants to start my land and water terrarium, but will send pictures when the enclosure is up and running. The craftsmanship and alder wood cabinets are stunning! I highly recommend Exotic Cages to everyone for every pet! Much Thanks!”
–  Mary Poole

“We are only in the building phase, buy Kyle’s been wonderful to work with! He has kept in constant touch, sending pictures, asking for my input and giving expert advice along the way. I can’t wait to see the finished product!”
– Rhonda Miller – building for male Boa constrictor imperator named “Helix”

“The finished enclosure is not just a piece of furniture, it’s a work of art! The cabinets are definitely artisan quality and since they’re made of hardwood, the enclosure is built to last. The living area is amazing. It looks and functions like a tropical paradise and should keep my boy happy and healthy throughout his lifetime. They’ve been wonderful to work with and all of this was done at a very reasonable price. Much less than other enclosures of this quality. Not only would I recommend them, I want to have a second enclosure built for my ball python.”
– Rhonda Miller-Custom Tropical Enclosure for male Boa constrictor imperator named “Helix”

“They are starting on my iguana’s cage now. I’m so excited. Their attention to detail is amazing and they really focused on everything needed for my iguana’s health (which is the biggest reason I chose them). They were knowledgeable about heat, humidity, and UV levels. They really listened to my requests and made them work. Pricing is great too. This beautiful cage is costing me less than what I would have paid with other cage companies and I get much more i.e. misters, humidity gauges, a pool that is easy to drain and refill, and many more branches. Autumn is going to be so happy with her new home.”
– B.A. Smith