Why Exotic Custom Cages

Why Exotic Custom Cages?

At Exotic Custom cages we believe whether you have bought your first pet and are looking for your first reptile cage, are looking to upgrade your current enclosure, are crazy about your reptile, amphibian, snake, or whatever it may be and are looking for the nicest vivarium you can buy, or are simply looking for an outstanding terrarium to display your plant life in, you deserve to have the best customer service and input in the product that money can buy.

Each enclosure is built exactly how you want it, and not started until every detail is gone over and we are positive you are getting exactly what you expect when it is delivered. Unlike other builders, we do not have a set list of woods we use. We can build the enclosure out of any type of wood you insist on, with the most frequently wood used being knotty alder. Another great thing is that we will stain or paint your enclosure any color you want it. Even if it is a custom color we need to go pick up, we will do it because we believe the enclosure should blend in with the rest of your home d├ęcor the way it is meant to.

For the backgrounds and interior of our enclosures, we only use the best products available on the market. We only use non-toxic zoo quality epoxies for all of the background and vine work. The reason for this, is it is much lighter and more durable than using concrete or grout. Another reason for this, is concrete can crack and it is a porous material so we feel there is a better chance of bacterial growth on it than with epoxy. Another option you have, is the use of real rock and wood, the choice is completely up to you. Every background we do is tailored to the specific needs of what is going to be housed.

Every enclosure we build has the entire inside of it epoxied, making the enclosure completely water proof, to withstand and keep the humidity inside of the enclosure.

Any enclosure that is built to hold water, will have the bottom interior fiberglassed for strength and to hold the water. The reason we use fiberglass instead or a rubber membrane, is it is much more durable and is a great way to add strength to the enclosure itself. Rubber can break down over time and possibly crack. If you think of the rubber roofs they use on some commercial buildings, they need to be resealed every couple of years to keep the durability of the product. On the other hand, a fiberglass boat never needs work done on it for preventative maintenance.

We can either ship the enclosure to you, or come set it up for you for an extra fee. Our enclosures are very easy to set up, so most of the time there is no reason for us to come set them up, unless you do not feel comfortable doing it yourselves. If shipping, when your enclosure shows up there is very minimal you will need to do, and anyone will be able to do it no matter how unhandy you feel you are.

The enclosures have a built in drain system, so when it comes to washing the interior of the enclosure it is as easy as opening the drain and spraying the inside down and letting the dirty water flow out.